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E-Commerce Solutions
From the EASY shops, ideal for breaking into the world of e-commerce easily and with a small investment, up to the ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL solutions, perfect for large stores and structured online shops, Aruba offers you five different solutions designed to meet specific sales needs.
All you need to do is choose the one that suits your business.

Unlimited Emails
The Unlimited Emails additional service allows you to activate unlimited Pop3 e-mail accounts with 1GB of storage space in the format @domainname.xxx, in addition to the 5 email accounts included in the basic package. In order to create new accounts, all you have to do is access the Mail Admin Control Panel at http://webmail.aruba.it, which you can use also to check and manage the mail of your domain.
The maximum capacity of each email account remains 1GB.

In addition to the hosting service you can request the activation of the statistics service: accessed and visited pages, customized reports, all online thanks to the extraordinary SmarterTools.com SmarterStats 3.x statistics software.

The GigaMail service allows you to expand the storage capacity of email accounts from 5GB up to a maximum of 25GB (25000MB). Each account, in fact, can have up to 5 Gigamails (each with 5GB storage space) reaching a maximum capacity of 25GB for each account. This way it is possible to receive big attachments or manage more messages than you would with a normal account with only 1GB storage space.
The service can be activated both on the accounts included in the basic package, and on the Unlimited Email service. In fact, you can purchase as many GigaMails as you like and then, at a later date, by using the Mail Admin Control Panel found at http://webmail.aruba.it, choose which email account you wish to expand and how many GB to give each account, up to a maximum of 25 GB. At any time you can disconnect the GigaMail service and transfer it to another account of the same domain, or reduce the space: in this case you must be careful not to disable the GigaMail service on an email account which already holds over 1Gb of mail, and not to set a quantity of space less than the quantity that is currently occupied in the account.

AntiVirus and AntiSpam
The AntiVirus service scans all the outgoing and incoming Emails in all the accounts that are associated with the domain. If a virus is detected, the infected email is cancelled.

An AntiSpam filter, that is constantly updated and can be configured completely through a personal control panel, detects unwanted Emails automatically and marks them to separate them from the ‘good' ones or rejects them.

For more information go to:

Email IMAP
The Email IMAP additional service allows you to configure your e-mail accounts by using the IMAP4 protocol instead of the POP3 protocol. Unlike the POP3 protocol, with the IMAP4 protocol you can have multiple simultaneous connections to the same e-mail account, and check the changes made by each user that connects.

By activating this service on your domain registered with Aruba you can then share an account with multiple users, who will be able to view all the messages saved on the server*, download only the headers or choose whether or not to view the content, by using the most popular email clients (Outlook, outlook express, Mac Mail, etc.) or our Webmail.

Once this service is activated, you will be able to use the IMAP protocol to configure all the email accounts activated in relation to your domain registered with Aruba, including those activated with the Unlimited Email and Gigamail service.

* The messages will be saved on the server only if all the users that connect to the account use the IMAP protocol and not the POP3 protocol for the configuration.

Business Mail
The Business Mail service brings new functions to the existing Webmail, for professional and quality management of your emails. This service will be associated with all your domain email accounts.

The main features are the following:

Configuration of other accounts: add up to 4 email accounts (even with other providers) to the Aruba Webmail, to check multiple email accounts in one single place;

Web storage: each account comes with its own storage space, corresponding to the size of the account, in which you can upload and save documents, images, videos and music. The web storage also has an image and text editor, with which you can create, edit and save files and documents directly in the Webmail. The amount of web storage available for each email account can be expanded at any time simply by purchasing the GigaMail service;

BAM (Big Attachment Message) Feature: send big attachments very easily. If the size of the attachments exceed the size limit indicated in the control panel, these will not be included in the message, instead they will be sent to the recipient in the form of a link through which the files can be downloaded and opened. This way, the files will not occupy the storage space allocated to your account, nor will they risk not being delivered to the recipient;

Chat: chat service integrated in the Webmail, with which users of @domainname.it accounts can communicate with each other. From the postmaster account it is possible to enable or disable the chat feature on all the accounts, or just on certain accounts;

Synchronization of contacts/events: for synchronizing and keeping your events and contacts up-to-date with your mobile phone, Outlook email client and Webmail;

Corporate address book: the address book which can be managed and edited through the Postmaster account, to add contacts and groups which will then be displayed in all the domain email accounts;

Corporate calendar: evolution of the traditional calendar. Through the use of the postmaster account, it is possible to manage a specific Calendar, which can then be shared by all the domain accounts;

Multiple personal address books: for creating and customizing multiple address books, to organize your contacts based on your needs;

Multiple calendars: configure multiple personal calendars which you can manage separately, based on your own personal needs.

Hosting Backup Service

The Backup service provides you with a copy of your website content.

Once activated, in fact you will be able to access your web space, via FTP, and find two new folders called ‘Daily Backup‘ and ‘Weekly Backup‘ containing previously saved data.

A copy of the website content will be saved on a daily basis in the ‘Daily Backup‘ folder, which will overwrite that of the previous day.

Whereas the ‘Weekly Backup‘ consists of a copy of the website which will be made once a week. This copy will be available all week in the folder and will be overwritten the following week by the new copy.

The backup service will be activated for free also for any third level domains with web space (Windows, Linux or Windows and Linux Hosting) associated to the domain for which you request the service.

ATTENTION!!! The service will be activated only once your payment has been processed and the domain for which you request the service has been activated.

The PhotoAlbum service allows you to publish your photos and videos online, organize them into Categories and Subcategories and choose whether to provide direct access to the Album or enable a password to allow access only to authorized users.
You will also be able to choose the design by selecting one of the various templates which can be changed whenever you like.

By choosing the Photoalbum service you can also:
  • Upload photos and videos online, making them available immediately through any device connected to the internet.
  • Edit the PhotoAlbum from any place and through any device
  • Send photos and videos to your PhotoAlbum also via MMS
  • Use certain filters to edit and rotate the images
  • Make a copy of the Album contents using the Backup tool
  • Write comments, captions and descriptions for each photo
  • Be confident that the PhotoAlbum will be hosted on professional servers in one of the most advanced facilities in Italy (http://datacenter.aruba.it) benefitting from all the guarantees which it provides.

Aruba.it has also activated the MySql support offer: technically it is a DBMS (Database Management System) or rather, a management system for Databases, in practice it is a fast high-performing Database, that allows you to create dynamic websites with MySql backend.

The MySQL service offers a maximum of 5 databases and a total disk space of 1Gb.

The service can only be used by domains hosted by our hosting services or Dedicated Servers. It is possible to increase the disk space with additional 1Gb packages.

The default language is PHP, but it is possible, thanks to the MyODBC drivers, to interact also via ASP pages.

If you have not a Backup Mysql Database Service yet, buy it now!

MySQL Backup Service

The MySql Backup service allows you to save the last 7 days of database backup.
Once activated, in fact, in the MySql database control panel you will find the Backup Restore option, that if selected will allow you to make both a daily Backup restore and a Backup Restore from files in upload. In addition, besides being able to restore daily Backups in one of the 5 db as selected by the user, the user may download the backups locally.

The Backup service can only be purchased if you have the MySql service with Aruba or are in the process of purchasing, renewing or upgrading such service.

ATTENTION!! The service will only be activated once the payment has been processed and the MySql database for which you requested the service has been activated.

If you have not a Mysql database yet, buy it now!

MsSQL Server
Among its many offers Aruba.it has also activated the Sql Server Support service: technically it is an RDBMS or rather a Relational Database Management System, in practice it is a fast high-performing database that allows you to create websites based on databases capable of providing highly professional performances.

The SqlServer service offers a database and a disk space with a minimum of 1Gb.

The service can only be used by domains hosted by our hosting services or Dedicated Servers. The language system relates to Microsoft platforms, the service can only be used on Windows system with asp or asp.NET technology.
It is possible to increase the disk space with additional 1Gb packages.
If you have not a Backup MsSql Database Service yet, buy it now!

MsSQL Server Backup Service

The MsSql Backup service allows you to save the last 7 days of database backup.

Once activated, in fact, in the MsSql database control panel you will find the Backup Restore option, that if selected will allow you to make both a daily Backup restore and a Backup Restore from files in upload.

The Backup service can only be purchased for the MsSql service activated with Aruba (during the order, renewal or upgrade process of the Database or at any other time).

ATTENTION!!! The service will only be activated once the payment has been processed and the MsSql database for which you requested the service has been activated.

If you have not a MsSql database yet, buy it now!

Your website immediately online !

SiteBuilder is the new service of Aruba.it, available for all Domain names with basic Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting or Windows+Linux Hosting service, which allows you to create and publish websites easily and quickly, without having to install any software or needing experience in graphic design or in using HTML.

Accessed via web Browsers (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and with a simple and intuitive control panel, SiteBuilder allows you to create pages with lots of content and a catchy design and is completely customizable.

It comes in 3 versions to satisfy all your needs:

Lite Pack: the basic free version, which allows you to create a website complete with images and text.

Ultra Pack: the solution which allows you to build a professional, functional and completely customizable website, with lots of content.

E-Commerce Pack: offers all the features of the Ultra pack in addition to the possibility of creating your own e-commerce website: a shop online which you can manage yourself; from the product catalogue, to the price lists; from managing payments to shipping.
Whois Privacy
Whois Privacy
Service which allows you to hide the personal details of the domain Registrant from the public Whois database.
It allows you, for example, to hide the contact phone numbers or email addresses from those who perform a Whois search, protecting personal details from possible unauthorized use.
Once activated, it can be enabled and disabled from the provided section found in the domain Control Panel, allowing you to either show or hide the personal details of the Whois database, like email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
The service is not available for all the extensions. See our Knowledge Base for more information on the Whois Privacy.

Search engines represent the main portal to web navigation: to be present and well positioned can turn out to be crucial for the success of your business.
Aruba offers three ranges of products for the advertisement and ranking of your website, each one available in various versions to suit every need.

Keyposition SEO: is the range of products which allows you to improve the visibility of your website on the main search engines. Aruba will optimize the website pages and create pages designed to improve search engine ranking.

Keyposition Click: allows you to publish your ads on major Keyword advertising networks like Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Search, pnetadv and Facebook.
Aruba will personally design and publish the advertising campaign to receive guaranteed visits on the website charging only for the clicks received on the ads.

Keyposition MIX: is the ideal solution to guarantee your presence on the internet combining the benefits of search engine ranking of Keyposition SEO to the quality visits guaranteed by Keyposition Click. Furthermore Keyposition Mix offers a bonus of free clicks for each package that you purchase.

Third levels
Third levels are 'subdomains' which can be activated in relation to a second level domain registered through Aruba with the competent Authority. As a rule they are used to identify an area of the website which deals with a particular subject.

For each domain it is possible to order and therefore activate an unlimited number of Third levels. The activation request can be made when you order the domain or once it has been activated, during the entire subscription period.

The following services can be activated with the Third levels:
Windows Hosting
Linux Hosting
Windows + Linux Hosting
DNS Management + E-Mail
DNS Management without E-Mail

The following additional services can also be requested:
Unlimited emails
Antivirus + Antispam
MS Sql

Third levels can be managed by using the same codes (login and password) as the domain to which they refer to, or, during the order process, you can request a new account (e.g. @aruba.it) for each 3rd level.

ADV Promotion
Aruba ADV is the ideal offer to improve your website quickly and cheaply. We can host your banner in parts of our system at a very special price: you can purchase 50.000 impressions of your banner at the exceptional price of 6.5 euro + vat. You can then choose the number of impressions to use daily and with the control panel of our professional software, you will be able to monitor the progress of your advertising campaign. Besides the number of clicks (on average around 0.5%), being included in the Aruba system will ensure remarkable results in terms of image from which your website will benefit.

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